Early Career Forum

ICSEI Pre-Conference Early Career Forum 2024

Nurturing Early Career Talent through Connections

The pre-conference event is organized by the ICSEI Early Career Coordinators as a networking and mentoring forum for early career researchers, practitioners and policymakers. The event allows participants to connect, share experiences and build relationships that can be valuable throughout their career. It is a holistic initiative that recognizes the importance of supporting and connecting early career professionals in the field of education and school improvement.

The event brings together practicing educators/school leaders, Masters students, PhD students and early career scholars to connect, share their work, common challenges and opportunities, and meet experienced scholars. Listening to experienced professionals in panel discussions can provide practical insights, knowledge and lessons that can be extremely valuable for both professional and personal growth – and so, if you are an early career professional, you are most welcome to join us and learn more about the opportunities and benefits of belonging to the ICSEI Early Career Community.

The Panellist

Professor Ellen Goldring
The Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Education Policy and Leadership. Vice Dean, Peabody College of Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Goldrings research interests include education policy and school improvement, with emphasis on school and district leadership. Goldring is a fellow of the American Educational Research Associatio, a recipient of the University Council for Educational Administration’s Roald F. Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also author of numerous books and hundreds of articles, including a co-author of The Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education (VALED). She is the editor-in-chief of the American Educational Research Journal. Goædring is among the most influential scholars in education policy in the United States according to the RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.

Associate Professor Martin Scanlan
Associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Before joining the academy, Scanlan spent over ten years as a teacher and administrator. He primarily worked in urban settings in schools serving traditionally marginalised students in Washington, D.C., Berkeley, CA, and Madison, WI. His work has looked most carefully at how schools across sectors can better serve students who have diverse cultural and linguistic heritages, as well as students with special needs. Scanlans research primarily focuses on the organisational routines and practices of adults in schools, including the policies and procedures that shape these. Scanlan is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Professional Capital and Community.

Dr. Sheridan Dudely
Has over 40 years’ experience in education, both as an academic and as a leader in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Currently a Visiting Fellow, School of Education, at the University of New South Wales. Dudely previously served as Chief of Staff to the NSW Minister for Education and she has provided education policy advice to Premiers in NSW and Victoria. Dudely has also been Visiting Associate Professor at Wuhan Iron and Steel University, lectured at several Australian universities and a Chief Executive of Australia’s largest not-for-profit provider of early childhood education and care. Dudely’s doctoral research was on politicians as policy makers in large-scale education system reform. Her current research interests are in the politics of education and education policy.

Dr. Jacob Easley II,  PMP
An expert in educational policy and politics, focusing on educational accountability, effectiveness, and improvement. Easley has served in various faculty and leadership positions across five different states and the District of Columbia. He is proud of his work as an advocate for equity and access and quality educational opportunities for all students. Dudely has published numerous books, articles, and commentaries on educational accountability, change, and equity and he is a co-chair of ICSEI’s new Culture, Race and Intersectionality (CRI).

Dr. Paul Armstrong
Reader in Education at the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester. Armstrongs research interests concern contemporary forms of educational leadership and management and collaboration. He has 18 years’ experience in education research leading on national and international projects and publishing across a number of areas including educational improvement, networking, leadership, management and policy. Armstrong is Editor-in-Chief of the Sage journal Management in Education. His most recent book, School to School Collaboration: Learning Across International Contexts, is available now through Emerald Publishing.

Phd. candidate Lucas Silva
A PhD candidate in education at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and a researcher for Lirmi, an ed-tech company in Chile. Silva’s research focuses on how teachers can use students’ perceptions of teaching quality data to improve their pedagogical practices. He designed a data-use cycle that allows teachers to improve their instructional practices in a collaborative and systematic procedure. In his role at Lirmi, Lucas uses and conducts research to continually improve the product. Luca has also consulted for several schools and NGOs on implementing effective teaching strategies in the classroom and he is passionate about helping schools make evidence-informed decisions and improving educational outcomes for all learners.

Dr. Andrew Wambua
A Kenyan scholar, innovator and social entrepreneur. Wambua sits on the boards of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) and Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC). He is a Co-founder and Director of Africa Voices Dialogue. He previously worked as an educator with schools in Kenya and Germany, and as a banker with Equity Group Holdings. Wambua’s research interests include social networks, school leadership and whole system change. He holds a doctorate in Educational Sciences from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.